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 Architecture Review Committee (ARC)

The Random Hills Community Association (RHCA) exists in order to provide for the preservation and enhancement of the property values, amenities, and opportunities in the community contributing to the personal and general health, safety, and welfare of residents and for the maintenance of the land and improvements. Although each townhouse lot is privately owned and the common areas are for the use of all community members, there are certain restrictions and guidelines for the use, improvement and alteration of the properties within Random Hills.

The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) works under the direction of the Board to ensure that the original plan for the community is preserved. By monitoring the exterior design and alterations to the properties within Random Hills, the Association is able to maintain a high standard of aesthetic quality, community identity and functional cohesiveness that enhance property values and promotes a harmonious community. If you were not given a copy of the Architectural Guidelines when you purchased your home, please request a copy from Service First Management Consultants (SFMC).

Under the Covenants and Restrictions which govern use and alterations of the townhomes, no improvement, alterations, repairs, change of paint colors, change in grade or other work which in any way alters the exterior of any property or common area may be made or done without the prior written approval of the ARC. Additionally, no building, fence, landscaping may be commenced, erected, maintained, improved or altered without prior written approval of the ARC, except where specified in the written covenants.

Click here for the Application for Exterior Modification form.

Click here for the newly adopted Satellite Dish and Exterior Antennae Guidelines.

Click here for the Random Hills Architectural Review Committee Design Guidelines.

Any questions or concerns you have about the Architectural Guidelines or the Application for Exterior Modification process may be directed to the ARC, SFMC, or the Random Hills Board of Directors. Please note that all ARC applications are due by the first day of the month in order to be reviewed by the ARC that month.

Approved Exterior Paint Colors

Your Trim and Garage paint colors are based on your builder (Winchester or Equity) and can be determined by the street where you live and are shown in the table below

Equity Homes
Duron Wheat
 Winchester Homes
Duron Amber White
  • Appleby Way
  • Avondale Drive
  • Bannockburn Court
  • Cornwall Court
  • Glostonbury Way
  • Laurel Lake Square
  • Shaughnessy Court
  • Stonehenge Way
  • Heatherstone Court
  • Kentmere Square
  • Kentshire Way
  • Rothbury Square
  • Sherwood Forest Way
  • Werthers Court

Door colors vary but you can find the correct color on a exterior paint chart from Duron called Curb Appeal. Using the Curb Appeal paint chart, simply match to your door. Door colors cannot be changed without ARC approval.

Any resident who installs a storm door on either their front or rear door needs to remember that storm doors must be full view and that they must be painted to match either the exterior trim or the door/shuttle color. An ARC application form is strongly suggested.

While the specific colors listed above are manufactured by Duron, Random Hills residents are not required to use Duron brand paint. Any reputable paint brand can be matched to Duron colors. Residents who do not use matching colors will receive notice from the ARC and be required to repaint. We hope this information will prevent anyone from having to repaint.

Approved Deck Sealers

Decks and fences need to be periodically cleaned and a protective finish applied. Any sealer used on the decks and fences must be a neutral, "natural" color.
In order to assist you in selecting a sealer, the Board of Directors has approved, effective 3/1/06, a list of sealers that may be used in Random Hills. These sealers are typically available at Lowe′s, Home Depot and similar stores.

Behr Deck Plus Waterproofing Wood Finish
     400 Natural Clear
     401 Cedartone

Olympic Maximum Waterproofing Sealants
     Honey Gold
     Cedar Naturaltone

Thompson's Wood Protector
     Clear Protector
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 Community Association Fees

Click here to read the 2008 Assessment Notice.

The annual assessment is divided into 12 monthly payments. The monthly assessment is due on the first day of the month and is considered late after the 10th of the month. If the payment is received after the 10th of the month, the account is charged a $25.00 late fee.

To avoid late fees, please consider utilizing the automatic payment service (ACH Debit) for making regular monthly payments. This eliminates the need to write a check, saves you time and prevents the assessment of late fees.

Click here to view the direct debit payment authorization agreement.

Assessment payment checks should be made out to and mailed to the:

     Random Hills Community Association, Inc.
     c/o Service First Management & Consulting, Inc.
     PO Box 18002
     Ashburn, VA 20146
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 Home Owners Association

The Board of Directors is comprised of RHCA members who are elected and serv voluntarily for three years. We meet each month and provide oversight for the operational, financial, and community maintenance and beautification. Our goals include preserving the property value, managing the community on a daily basis, managing our capital funds, ensuring all of our community complies with the RHCA covenants, managing the pool and tennis court facilities, maintaining the Random Hills Road center islands and the storm management of both RHCA ponds, and providing responses to RHCA members questions and concerns. We invite you to attend our monthly BOD meetings and to provide any concerns or comments you may have to the BOD email addresses shown below.

Board of Directors
Charlie Viars  -  President
Danielle Bencivenga  -  Vice President
Andy Akers  -  Treasurer
Gene Lin  -  Secetary
Jerry Roth  -  Member At-Large

E-mails to the Board of Directors should be sent to
E-mails to the Architectural Review Committee should be sent to
E-mails to the Parking Committee should be sent to

Property Manager
Nancy O'Connell
Service First Management and Consulting, Inc.
12084 Cadet Court
Manassas, VA. 20109


The board meets monthly. Meetings are generally held at 7:00PM on the third Monday of the month in Room 6B of the Fairfax County Government Center. Updated meeting information will be posted on the Home Page What's New section . You can also contact the property management company to confirm dates and times.
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 Lawn Care

All lawns must be maintained in a neat and uniform appearance. The Board of Directors urges each resident to maintain their lawn accordingly, or to sign up for the private lawn service that is available from the grounds maintenance service provider.

For those who have selected the private lawn services offered by the association, Shenandoah Landscape Service mows the common property and the lawns every 7 to 10 days, weather permitting. Your lot will be marked with a wood stake w/reflector or equivalent. Please make sure this stake/reflector is maintained in a visible location. Click here to sign up for instructions to sign up for lawncare service.

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 Maps of the Community

Click here to see an aerial view of the community.
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The parking lots in the community are privately owned and maintained. Marked visitor spaces are for the exclusive and periodic use of Association members' guests only.
Vehicles of residents that are parked in fire lanes are subject to towing without notice as well as ticketing by the Fairfax County Police and subsequent fines.
Additionally, no commercial vehicles may park in driveways or Visitor spaces, except during business hours.

The Association reserves the right to tow any vehicle which is parked by a resident in violation of this policy and to impose a monetary sanction against a resident who parks a vehicle in a visitor parking space in violation of this policy.

E-mails to the Parking Committee should be sent to

Random Hills uses Henry's Wrecker Service at 703-471-0010 for all towing services.

Click here to view the complete parking resolution which includes parking policy, enforcement and parking permits.
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The 2010 Pool season will start on Saturday, May 28th, 2011.
The Random Hills pool facility is located at 11567 Laurel Lakes Square (on the North side of Random Hills Road) and includes a custom pool (non-competition size) with a wading pool and bathhouse. The pool is managed by Atlantic Pool Service.

Pool Hours Pool Admittance
The pool is for the use of Random Hills Community Association members and guests only. Every Random Hills home has been allocated four passes for those living at the residence plus one additional season guest pass. If you need additional resident passes, please send in a written request for additional passes. Residents must accompany their guests. Alll users of the facility must surrender a pool pass upon entering the pool deck. At the end of use the passes will be returned to you. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult, eighteen years of age or older. The guards will strictly enforce admittance procedures. Additional season guest passes are available for $35.00 and may be purchased for the season by contacting Service First Management & Consulting, Inc.

Day guest passes may be purchased for $3.00 each at the pool during normal operating hours. CHECKS ONLY, NO EXCEPTIONS, payable to Random Hills Community Association. Day passes are valid for the remainder of the pool operating hours on that particular day.

In addition to surrendering your pass, please sign in when entering the pool area. Information obtained from the sign-in sheets will be used to monitor pool operations.

Please review the rules and regulations below. Should you have any questions regarding pool use, please contact your Community Manager, Nancy O'Connell at (703) 392-6006 ext. 205, for additional information.

Click here to view the 2011 Swimming Pool Rules and Regulations.
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 Snow Removal

Snow removal in the private streets and parking areas is the responsibility of the Association and is normally done with there is an accumulation of two or more inches of snow. Sanding and de-icing is done as necessary.

Snow removal on sidewalks is not currently included in the assessment and owners are requested to clear main walks between their property lines.

Snow removal and de-icing of your sidewalk is a homeowner responsibility. We suggest not using rock salt, table salt or any product containing sodium on your walks or drives, as this will harm concrete, turf and shrubbery.
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 Tennis Court

The tennis court is located in the open space between Werthers Court, Sherwood Forest Court, Kentshire Way and Heatherstone Court. This is in the section closest to the Candlewood Suites Hotel.

Our tennis court has been newly re-surfaced! To better protect the association's investment, a new lock has been put on the gate to control access. Non-duplicative keys are available at a cost of $20 and are available from Board members Charlie Viars. The homeowner possessing a key is asked to safeguard it and not allow it to be shared within the community. The key will be returned to the RHCA upon sale or rental of their property or when the homeowner moves out of the community. The homeowner will be responsible for the replacement cost of a lost or stolen key. Please remember that the courts are only to be used for tennis.
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 Tot Lots

The Random Hills community owns and maintains three (3) tot lots, generally designed for children 2-8 years of age. The tot lots are fenced, but without gates. Use of these tot lots should be with parental supervision, only. The equipment is regularly inspected and maintained for safe and enjoyable use by residents and guests.

The tot lot locations are
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 Trash / Recycling

Pickup Days
Trash    - Tuesday and Friday
Recycling    - Friday
Bulk Items    - Friday

Pickups will occur between 6:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. - please have your waste & recycling at curbside the night before collection day.
Trash is to be placed securely in plastic bags or appropriate trash containers.

Trash Pickup - Household waste only. No construction or remodeling waste. No Household Hazardous waste (paint, pesticides, oil, gas, antifreeze, corrosive chemicals, etc.) For more information on Household Hazardous Waste contact the Fairfax County Office of Solid Waste at 703-631-1179.

Recycling Pickup - Acceptable items include: newspapers (bundled, in paper bags or in a separate recycling container); glass food & beverage containers; aluminum & steel cans; #1 & #2 plastic bottles and jugs. Plastic containers used for insecticides, herbicides, petroleum products, or automative fluids are not acceptable. No plastic bags please.

Bulk Items - Please notify customer service at 703-368-0500 at least 24 hours in advance when putting out bulk items. Bulk items are only picked up on Fridays.

Yard Waste - Grass clippings & leaves should be bagged. Brush & limbs should be bundled. Limbs should not exceed four feet in length and six inches in diameter. Items that are bagged or bundled are not to exceed 50 pounds. Concrete, bricks, blocks & dirt are not acceptable.

Holidays - Trash is picked up on all scheduled days with the exception of the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years day. Christmas trees are typically picked up on the first two (2) Fridays in January.

American Disposal Services
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